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Tips for Writing Multilingual Blogs Like a Pro

by - Diana Thenerd

Posted on May 16, 2019 18:23

Studies have shown that people who speak multiple languages have better attention which has a positive impact on the memory skills of the person. Speaking one language is a basic human need, but speaking more than one opens a new world of possibilities. It expands employment opportunities. Businesses today look for people who are bilingual or multilingual due to the diversity in today’s population.

This is a given fact – the more languages you know, it becomes easier to talk to people, which consequently improves your communication skills. You can also get around many countries by actually speaking the language and experience the place like a local. Since multilingual people can easily switch between different languages they are good at multi-tasking as well.

The Core Concept of Multilingual Blogging-

When it comes to blogging it can be great to blog in two languages to reach all of your international friends and work colleagues, their friends, travel buddies, other bloggers and so many potential readers. One of the reasons multilingual blogs are created is that the blogger wants to target multiple countries. The Internet has provided the means to do this and access from multiple countries is now available. Those with the capability to do so are choosing to provide their content in as many languages as they can produce.

Multilingual Blogging Tips-

  1. Create a post or a page and write the first half of the post or page in one language.
  2. At the bottom of the post write your content in another language.

Link to the other language

  1. At the beginning of each post add a page jump so that your readers can skip ahead to their language.

Blogging in multiple languages is hard work. The first thing to decide is which languages you want to write. This will largely depend on your goals. In order to become a successful multilingual blogger, you need to pay close attention to the smallest of writing details.

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