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Key Features & Categories of Different Types of Articles

by - Diana Thenerd

Posted on September 11, 2018 18:35

There are different types of articles including informational, research, news and research articles. Every piece of writing has specific points of view and unique style with several characteristics used by the professional writers.

A writer’s style is a reflection of his/her unique voice, approach, perception, and ideas provided to the audience. The professional writers of article writing services in New York persuade people to agree with their point of view and give information about the subject.

Here are the categories of articles and their styles written for several purposes:

1: Expository Articles

The main purpose of Expository Article is to explain and give information about the topic of respective subjects. These types of articles are subject-oriented and the author focuses on describing the subject-matter with relevant facts, figures, and examples. Generally, personal opinions and theories from other sources are not drafted in expository writing.

Key points of expository articles

  • Subject analysis
  • Facts & Figures with examples
  • Logical order and sequence

Fields of expository writing

  • Text Book Writing
  • Recipe Books
  • News & Editorial Pieces
  • Business & Technical Writing
  • Scientific Research
  • Magazine

2: Descriptive Articles

The main purpose of Descriptive Article is to illustrate the facts and tips of the piece of writing. These types of articles explain the character, features, points and other details about the subject. The description in Descriptive Article is to-the-point and specific.

Key Points of Descriptive Articles

  • Poetic nature
  • Theory
  • Consequence
  • Description
  • Visual Tips
  • Main Points

Fields of Descriptive Writing

  • Journal
  • Poetry
  • Academic Research Article
  • Descriptive Passages for Fiction

3: Persuasive Article

The main purpose of Persuasive Writing is to convince readers and promote a particular thing. The opinions and biases are the major features of the persuasive articles. The justifications and reasons are also defined in Persuasive Articles. It is often used in commercials, advertisements, editorial pieces and marketing pitches.

Key points of Persuasive Article

  • Reasons
  • Arguments
  • Justifications
  • Situational Debate

Fields of Persuasive Writing

  • Editorial Newspaper Pieces
  • Cover letters
  • Letter of Recommendation
  • Advertisements
  • Business promotion
  • Reviews

4: Narrative Article

Narrative writing’s main purpose is to tell a story. Different characters, features, and point of views are described in these types of articles. The narrative stories and films are written in narrative style.

Key Points

  • Narrative story or event
  • Dialogues
  • Eventual Solutions
  • Motivational Events

Fields of Narrative Writings

  • Short Stories
  • Novels
  • Poetries
  • Novellas
  • Biographies & Autobiographies
  • Oral Histories
  • Anecdotes


All the afore-mentioned points are suggested by article writing services to write different articles following several formats and styles.

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