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Key Components & Importance Of Critical Writing Projects

by - Diana Thenerd

Posted on July 13, 2018 21:23

Critical writing is an integral part of postgraduate and advanced undergraduate writing. Criticism is a term for judgment or evaluation, good or bad. And it can pop up everywhere, especially in the advance stage of studies. Critical paper is normally viewed by academic audience and typically supports argumentative views of the writer.

Critical writing is considered to be the most challenging part of academic writing and even the brightest students can find this project hard to handle.

According to the professionals of the academic writing services in Cambridge, critical essay should include an argumentative thesis about the text and plenty of textual evidence sources to help support your interpretation of the text. You need to use academic language for reporting and connecting ideas. These characteristics made it entirely different from other forms of writing.

The Most Crucial Part of Critical Writing-

  • As it has been said earlier that critical writing is a different ball game compared to other types of writing, the most unique and supposedly challenging part this writing is as a writer, you can’t simply dismiss or approve an argument on the basis of your personal opinion. You need to produce strong points in order to establish your views and opinions. The bottom line is your analysis should be logical and completely based on evidence from credible resources rather than your personal thinking.
  • One important thing you need to keep in mind while writing a critical review is that you can’t simply dismiss or approve an argument on the basis of your personal opinion. You need to support your opinion and analysis by giving reference to a credible resource. It could be established facts, theories, research findings, events, etc. In short, your analysis should be logical.
  • Academic writing services in Cambridge rightly said that, there is no room for self-indulgence. It is not the same as review because unlike a review, it encompasses an academic purpose or goal. Critical essay projects are given to the students in order to judge their logical thinking, argumentative power and expertise in representing a topic without being bias.

The Importance of the Critical Writing Projects-

The goal of critical essay writing projects is to directly assert ideas in the minds of the students to develop a concept and its influential aspects. The prime purpose of the critical project is to represent views based on credible information translating that information into coherent piece of writing to produce an authentic critical work rather than merely presenting facts in a mechanical way.

Critical thinking skills teach a variety of skills that can be applied to any situation in life that calls for reflection, analysis and planning.

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